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Compnode Norge AS

Earlywarning Solutions AS

Bakken & Bæck AS

Headwave Emea AS

Fru Baron AS

Digiplex Rosenholm As

Oxy Solutions AS

Global It Development AS

Northern Beat AS

Soco Norge AS

Redpill Linpro AS

Interoperabilitetstjenester As

Convert Group AS

Marcello AS

Drofus AS

Hosting Services AS

Kirkepartner Ikt AS

Webgruppen AS

New Media AS

Active 24 Norway AS

Degree Consulting Group AS

Spectrum ASA

Servetheworld As


Mindex AS

Henning Larsen Architects AS

Lambrechts Invest

Teammate AS

AS Quatro

Bouvet Norge AS

The Experts Norway Filial Af The Experts Nordic Aps

Lumagate AS

April Arkitekter AS

Skeppstad AS

Geocap AS

Projectplace Norge AS

Atp Arkitekter AS

Ocas AS

Jobmed AS

Right Consulting AS

Asio AS

Wewanttoknow AS

Align Consulting AS

Venture Factory AS

Ictec AS

Snøhetta Overseas Architecture AS

Findwise AS

Ipsoft Norway AS

Lendo As

Maestro Soft AS

Landbrukets Dataflyt Sa

Asset Management Partner AS

Soundrop AS

Cognizant Business Services Norway AS

Scienta AS

Iknow Solutions Norge AS

Iknow AS

Autolopia AS

Omnivision Technologies Norway AS

Løk AS

Rejlers Embriq AS

Romlaboratoriet AS

Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter AS

Dnv Nemko Presafe AS

Vitec Fox AS

Dbwatch AS

Nets Cards Processing Branch Norway

Wedel It AS

Mobilskole AS

Solid Media Group As

Nextbridge Consulting AS

Magseis ASA

Byte AS

Scatec AS

Applied Petroleum Technology AS

Soma Solutions AS

Apx Systems AS

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