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The thirty-year experience in the design and construction of progressive dies for tool maker fields has enabled Sacel to develop a consolidated method of multidisciplinary cooperation. The teamwork between designers, engineers and specialized workmen has always guaranteed an efficient process management, from design and development product to research and selection of the technologies and adapted instruments to components manufacture.
The Research & Development department is able to offer, according to the different and various customer?s needs, a wide range of solutions that include product engineering, progressive dies design and construction, development of the entire production process and all the related control phases, the engineering and construction of complete industrial automations.
The plant located in Ozegna is dedicated to the design and construction of the tools and equipment, progressive dies, which are used for serial production of various types of items.
The progressive dies and all the equipment construction used for the production takes place in Sacel?s tool shop, an advanced department equipped with EDM erosion (wire and spark), milling, grinding and turning machine tools all with CNC technology.
The possibility to have an internal tool shop entirely dedicated to the production, assembly and maintenance of the progressive dies and all other kind of equipment, enable Sacel to assure and maintain high constant quality level which can cover the whole product life.
The San Giorgio Canavese plant accommodates the Sacel production department. Thanks to the various technologies it offers the possibility to produce several diverse items details. The production lines include metal stamping with progressive dies, plastic injection molding, over molding, laser welding and assembly.
The versatility of the technologies which can be used and integrated together offers the opportunity to manage all the production chain phases in the best way, from the design to the set-up of the entire production process.
The detailed control that this kind of organization consent to apply, together with the potentiality of the most updated working stations and an efficient and qualified staff, guarantees the possibility to realize different complexity products with excellent result certainty.

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Etableringsår 1975
CF (Codice Fiscale) 07858160018
Bedriftens kapital 500 000 EUR
Virksomhetstype Hovedkontor
Moms IT07858160018
Faks: +39 0124 0124 27794
Nettsted http://www.sacelgroup.com


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    ISO 9001 : 2000, UNI

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    ISO/TS 16949, UNI

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    ISO 14001 : 2004, RINA

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ATECO (IT 2007) :
Lavori di meccanica generale (256200)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Machining (2562)
SIC (US 1987) :
Primary Metal Products, Not Elsewhere Classified (3399)
Treatment and coating of metals; machining (2592)