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BERETE, committed to the health and feeding of next generations.

PTL de Valladares, Calle C. Edificio Dotacional. Oficina 15.
36315 VIGO

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BERETE enters the frozen seafood sector in the year 2004, setting up its headquarters in Vigo, Galicia (Spain). Its privileged location, in a very well-known city in the sector both at domestic and international level, allows the company to access an influential fishing port, which receives seafood from all five oceans on a regular basis.

BERETE’s cornerstones are:
  • Quality
  • Food safety
  • Continuous improvement
  • Adaptability
For the time being, BERETE works with around 6,000 tonnes of seafood per year, a figure that is constantly increasing. Its unstoppable quest for maximum quality tips the balance towards sea frozen products, which keep the utmost freshness.

With regard to production and logistics, BERETE is backed up by:
  • A processing plant & cold storage in Portugal
  • Headquarters in Vigo
What about BERETE's short-term goals?
  • Obtaining IFS certification on quality and food safety
  • Boosting the company’s overseas expansion
BERETE, committed to the health and feeding of the next generations.

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Generell informasjon

Etableringsår 2004
CIF B36469179
Juridisk form Sociedad Limitada
Bedriftens kapital 115 000 EUR
Virksomhetstype Hovedkontor - Fabrikk - Lagerbygning - Salgskontor
Moms ESB36469179
Faks: +34 986 458 041
Nettsted http://www.berete.es


  • Berete  (Produsent, Distributør / Eksportør)



Område: Nord Amerika, Sør America, Afrika, Vest Europa, Sentral/Øst Europa
Land: Canada, Island, Marokko, Peru, Argentina, USA


Område: Vest Europa, Sentral/Øst Europa, Asia-Stillehavet, Sentral Asia
Land: Frankrike, Portugal, Italia, Hellas, Japan, Korea (Sør), Storbritannia, Ungarn, Polen

Nøkkeltall Berete


  • Selskap

    19 Ansatte


  • 2017

    13 500 000 EUR

  • 2015

    12 000 000 EUR

  • 2014

    6 697 182 EUR

  • 2013

    5 235 894 EUR

  • 2012

    6 116 159 EUR

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Sr. Ramon Alvarez Lorenzo

Driftsdirektør (Socio Gerente)

Sr. Felipe Carlos Velasco Troncoso

Driftsdirektør (Gerente)

Sr. Francisco Javier Sanmartin Ramos

Ledelse (Socio Gerente)

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Andre klassifikasjoner (for noen land)

CNAE (ES 2009) :
Comercio al por mayor de pescados y mariscos y otros productos alimenticios (4638)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Wholesale of other food, including fish, crustaceans and molluscs (4638)
Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco (4630)

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